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Two Wins vs. Royals

Rud, Kolsås, May 21st, 2023

By Terje


After two tough double-headers vs Vålerenga and Bergen Wetsox, the Pretenders managed to find the groove to take home their first two wins of the season. With great hitting, the Pretenders over-powered the Bærum Royalties in great fashion.

With four losses to start the season, the Pretenders needed a couple of big wins to get back on track for the play-off discussion. We know we will give up runs to the opponents this season, so all we have to focus on is to score even more - and indeed we did!

Game 1: 25-11

The Pretenders went right in attack-mode from the get-go as Terje Hoaas smashed a 2-runs single down the 3rd base line in the top of the 1st to take the lead. Enrico Guerrini and Kamil Hanak followed up in the 2nd with a Sac-fly and an RBI-single to double the lead. 

Then the Pretenders fell in their own footsteps in the bottom of the 3rd to give up 7 runs - all on two outs - including two errors. The final out eventually came when Hoaas gunned down a wannabe base-stealer at 3rd.

But in good old Pretender-fashion - we never ever give up! Hanak got an RBI-single in the top of the 4th to reduce the deficit, but then in the 5th and 6th, the Pretenders opened up their whole arsenal: 11 hits, 12 walks and a hit by pitch. RBI highlights from Guerrini, Lukas Trepczyk, Hoaas, Hanak and Håkon Jåtun. In total 20 runs in two innings.

On the mound Dave White got the start and got us through 4 good innings before Hanak and Jåtun followed up in relief. Our defense also stepped-up big time in the bottom of the 4th as Hanak and Guerrini performed a textbook 643 double play to get us out of the jam. In the bottom of the 5th Hoaas gunned down a second runner - this time at 2nd after taking a too optimistic turn around the base after a wild pitch and ended back on the Royal-bench. All in all, a great first game.


Game 2: 20-9

The Pretenders continued in the same way in the 2nd game as Hoaas and Andreas Erga went back-to-back doubles to start off the 2nd inning followed by some walks and wild pitches. In the top of the 3rd White and Hoaas got back-to-back singles followed by a rare double-balk by the Royals to give us a 4-2 lead. 

Then the bottom of the 3rd came, and again we gave up 7 runs.  This time we finished the inning on a great run-down play to get the runner out at 3rd. 

With a 5 run deficit, the Pretenders turn the page and started grinding out - one run at the time. With RBI-triple by Hanak, RBI-double by White and RBI-single by Erga in the top of the 4th the Pretenders were right back in the game.

In the 5th and 6th, the Pretenders continued to produce with RBI highlights from Hoaas, Erga, Trepczyk, White and Luca Torti. In total 12 runs to secure the mercy win.

On the mound Ty Tollestrup started the game and pitched with ease in the first two innings before he got him selves in a pickle in the 3rd. Guerrini took over to finish up the inning and blanked the Royals for the rest of the game including 3 Ks. Hoaas gunned down another wannabe stealer in the bottom of the 5th and Guerrini helped his own cause as he picked-off a runner at 1st in the 6th.

Note: In the first game of the day, Terje Hoaas played his game no. 500 for the Pretenders (ESB and NM combined) and is the first ever player in the Norwegian baseball history to reach this number. 

Best of the best:​

  • Terje Hoaas: 6-9 with 2 doubles, 8 R, 8 RBIs and 4 runners gunned down

  • Kamil Hanak: 5-7 with a triple, 7 R and 4 RBIs

  • Lukas Trepczyk: 5-11 with 2 doubles, 5 R and 4 SB

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