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At Oslo Pretenders Sports club, we want you to tell us about unethical behavior that contravenes our values, weakens the club's reputation and / or other criticism-worthy conditions. The reporting procedures apply to club members and external notifiers.


What can you report about?

 - The report must apply to conditions within the club.


Examples of what can be reported are:

 - Violation of general law

 - Violation of the club's and NIF's ethical guidelines

 - Bullying, harassment and discrimination

 - Economic fraud, including corruption

 - Privacy and information security

 - Conditions that pose a danger to people's lives and health

 - Substance Abuse

 - Other criticisms

How and to whom do I report?

 - As a member you should notify your team leader. You can do this by personal attendance or in writing in an email. If you are not comfortable with reporting to your team leader, you can notify the club's harassment and reporting manager who is our board member Mathilde Langmo.


In the club's reporting channel you can also choose to remain anonymous, but it will make our investigation and investigation of the report easier if you provide your name and contact information. All reports will nevertheless be treated in confidentially.




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