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Support the Oslo Pretenders​

The Oslo Pretenders Sports Club is a none-profit organization and we depend on support from YOU. The easiest way is through the support system by Norsk Tipping called Grasrotandelen and the best thing is, it doesn't cost you anything.


Next time you do your betting through Norsk Tipping (Lotto, Tipping, Oddsen etc.) please ask the commissioner to register you as a supporter of the 
Oslo Pretenders Sportsklubb. This means that Norsk Tipping will support us with 5% of what you just submitted to them. In other words, it doesn't cost you anything. You only have to do this once - thereafter you will automatically be registered as our supporter. For every 100 NOK you have spent on Norsk Tipping, we will receive 5 NOK. It doesn't sound like a lot but if we get enough supporters, it could mean a great deal.

Click here to print out our barcode you can give to the commissioner.


Become our supporting member:
Your other option is to become our official supporting member. This means that you pay our membership fee of 100 NOK a year to our club. It is of course also possible to donate any amount beyond that as well.
For payment to our club please make it to:


Oslo Pretenders Sportsklubb
v/Glenn Wells

Hølandsgata 1A
0655 Oslo
Accounts: 1503 09 09000


Or you can Vipps us to 10841 (Oslo Pretenders Sportsklubb)

The Pretenders thank you for your support!


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