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The Oslo Pretenders Gallery

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Kr.sand 2019

Two tough games in Kr.sand in the ES

NM 2015

First round of NM 2015 in Dønnestad/Kristiansand on June 6th

NM 2015

First round of NM 2015 in Dønnestad/Kristiansand on June 6th

NM Finals 2014

The Oslo Pretenders beat the Kr.sand Suns 2-0 in the best-of-three NM Finals on Saturday to clinch their 19th NM title. The Pretenders won 6-5 in game one and 17-14 in a dramatic second game that saw Terje (aka Mullah) get tossed in the 4th inning. 

NBL Finals 2013

In ​perhaps the most exciting NBL Finals ever, the Oslo Pretenders Rascals beat Alna Baseballklubb 2 games to 1. All 3 games were nail-biters, with the scores 10-9, 7-8 and 15-13.  

Last game of the 2012/13 season

​The Oslo Pretenders Hoopsters secured 6th place in the 6th division and ended the 2012/13 season with 10 wins and 8 losses. They won the last game of the season 86-56 over Halden Basket.

First P-basketball game ever, 2011/12

​The Oslo Pretenders played their very first basketball game on Oct. 22nd 2011 at Vulkan. An inexperienced Pretender squad fought bravely but had to surrender in the end with the score 37-58.

NM Finals 2011

The Oslo Pretenders Rascals showed no mercy against the ØHIL Royals in the Norwegian Championship this past weekend and beat them twice: 13-3 and 23-3 to bring home the second title to the Pretenders in a week. With solid pitching from their ace Ultra-Leif and also by the smooth K.A.Z it never became as nerve-racking as it could've been. But just as much credit should go to the outstanding offense who produced 27 hits in these two games to make sure the Pretenders managed to win yet another double - their #13 in total.

Finkstonball 2011

The Oslo Pretenders participated in Finkstonball, Attnang-Puchheim in Austria and played 4 games with the record of 2-2. This gave them a 7th place out of 12 teams. The manager for the Oslo Pretenders – the Mullah – said at the press conference at the airport back in Oslo that he was satisfied with the result, but that he wished they had performed better in certain key situations that could’ve change the outcome of the tournament.


NM Finals 2010

The Norwegian baseball championship series featured a unique twist for 2010: both squads from the Oslo Pretenders Baseball Club would compete for the title.


P2 added an intimidating new dimension to this series with two newcomer talents who play for Macalester College in Minnesota. Pitcher Louis Mondale and P/IF Mitch Glasser leveled the playing field between the two squads.


P1 won the dramatic NM Final, 2 games to 1, by the scores 3-2, 3-4 and 14-6.



E-Cup 2010​ in Sollingen​, Germany

The Pretenders had a hard time, losing all 5 games in the tournament. But we saved face when Leif P Sandvik won the coveted home run derby.

NM Finals 2009​

The Pretenders combined tough pitching, some stellar defense, tactical small-ball and raw power to earn their 15th Norwegian Championship in baseball. They beat the ØHIL Royals 3 games to 0 in the best-of-5 NM Finals by the scores 18-3, 6-1 and 9-7.

E-Cup 2009 Antwerp

The Oslo Pretenders won three of five games in the CEB European Cup Qualifier in Belgium. Proving their steel with consecutive nail-biting victories over the Lausanne Indians then the Espoo Expos, plus a convincing defeat of the last-place White Sharks of Portugal, the Pretenders secured the prestigious tournament’s bronze trophy.

E-cup 2008 in Kutno, Polen.

Pretenders played their hearts our in a very tough tournament, but ended up losing all five games to Aveiro University (Portugal) 3-19, Lituanica Kaunas (Lithuania) 1-11, Expos Espoo (Finland) 2-4, Sundbyberg Heat (Sweden) 2-17 and MKS Kutno (Poland) 1-11.

Season of 2007

Pictures throughout the season of 2007. The Pretenders ended the season with a record of 21 wins and 3 losses, capturing the double as they won both the NBL and the NM.

E-cup 2006 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Pretenders played solid baseball and won 3 games out of 5. In the first game Pretenders beat the team from the Chech Republic 27-13. In the third game against the Superfund Wanderers Pretenders played one of its best games ever and won 6-0. Our final win came against the Grasshoppers from Switzerland.

E-cup 2004 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

One of the most legendary e-cups in the Pretenders' history. After two tough losses to the Blagoevgrad Buffaloes and Beograd '96, the Pretenders were facing the top two teams in the tournament. With some great Kiai the team fought back and beat the Kranjski Lisjaki from Slovenia 11-9 in a dramatic game including a game winning 2run-homer in the bottom of the 8th following a 15 minutes thunder and rain delay.

E-cup 2003 in Antwerp, Beglium.

Pretenders played in Antwerp for the 2nd time in the e-cup and finally won their first international game as they beat the Irish 27-23 in a marathon of a game. Pretenders lost the other 4 games, but won the "best spirit award" in the tournament.

E-cup 2001 in Antwerp, Beglium.

The Pretenders played in their first ever e-cup in 2001. Although they lost all five games in the tournament, the squad came back to Norway in great spirit and won their first NBL title since 1995.

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