The Pretenders have a co-Ed Slow-pitch Softball team in 2020 that we want to compete in the Norwegian Championship (NM), and in as many Weekend tournaments as possible. If you are interested, let us know!

What is Co-Ed?

 - Co-Ed is a mixed softball team with at least 3 players of each sex (total 10 players). 

How many games?

 - We want to compete in the NM which will most like be at the last weekend of August. In addition there will be at least 4 weekend tournaments during the season in different cities in the East part of Norway that we want to compete in. The dates for these tournaments will come out in February.

How much does this cost?

 - The players fee is on 500.- a season plus the player-license to the federation on either 260.- or 410.- depending on what insurance you want. The club will provide with uniforms and equipment.

If you have other questions or want to join us, make sure to let us know!