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The Pretenders are ready for the ES Finals


Oslo, Sept. 8th, 2019

By Mullah.

After a rather interesting first game vs the Earls this past Saturday where the Pretenders needed an extra inning to finish them off - and almost blew the whole league title campaign - the squad turned it around in game two and is now ready for the league finals next Saturday vs the Royals.

Both teams are now 8-2 for the season and the remaining two games between the teams next Saturday the 14th at 1 and 4 PM will determine the league champions for 2019. If one of the teams wins both games, they obviously take away the title, but if they tie 1-1 a whole new sets of numbers will be important to remember to determine the champion.

If they tie 1-1 the four games between the two will be the foundation for who wins the fame and glory. The tie-breaker will be determined in this order:

 - Fewest runs allowed

 - Most runs scored

 - Most hits

 - Fewest errors committed

After the first two games between the two in June the score is as the following:

Royals: 11-16 (runs score-runs allowed) with 16 hits and 1 error

Pretenders: 16-11 with 14 hits and 4 errors.

This means that the Pretenders have a five run lead if they will tie up the games next Saturday.

In other words: it will be a nerve-racking ES finals where both teams have a real shot at the crown.

Help us win!

Come to Rud  in Bærum next Saturday the 14th right next to Plantasjen - and if you are driving make sure to park as far away from the field as possible as a foul-ball might land on your car. Just a friendly advice.

This will the the most exciting ES finals in many years. Don't miss it. Come on out to Rud and help us win!

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