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The Pretenders got their revenge

Vulkan, 6th Dec. 2015

by Oslo Pretenders PR office


Last week, the Pretenders were on to the biggest game of their season so far. With an early game on Sunday morning against the Persbråten Legends, the only team to have defeated the Pretenders this season, we were seeking for a revenge. Last game against the Legends that we lost was a close one and it left a painful mark in all the Pretenders players. This wasn't going to happen again.

Both teams came strong into the game and kept scoring back and forth. The Pretenders had trouble containing n°33 of the Legends, and with many fouls made we kept sending him to the free-throw line for easy points. Their defense was one of the toughest we met but Vilius (n°22) was finding his way to the basket easily in the first quarter which finished with a 14-15 score to the Legends.


The Pretenders kept struggling in defense in the 2nd quarter and n°33 from the Legends found his way to the free-throw line many times again. The Legends started accumulating points while we missed a lot of shots. 25-33 to the Legends at the end of the second.

At half-time, the Pretenders were under pressure to get back in this game. Adjustments were made and you could feel them getting more confident by the minute. We were down by 8 points, it was nothing. The 3rd quarter was everything the Pretenders planned for: a new strong defense and a great offense. The players were having fun and the fans could feel it. After 10 minutes of beautiful basketball, the score was 43-41 for the Pretenders.


The 4th quarter was a battle of who wanted the win the most and who was better prepared. The points were made on both sides with Mark (n°16) and Vilius (n°22) leading the Pretenders. At the 3 minutes mark, the game was still very close but Coach Cam launch the execution of his plan. Benjamin (n°23) went in the game with a precise goal, something he had been preparing for in the last practices. Just when the Legends started to be really tired and every point was extremely valuable, Benjamin (n°23) went for the open 3-pointer and he made it! The Pretenders bench and the fans were going crazy. Everyone knew that this 3-pointer just won us the game, it was the dagger that killed the Legends. 


Final score: 66-59 for the Pretenders. The revenge was over

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