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The Pretenders go 12-0 for the season!


Oslo, August 12th 2018

By Mullah.

The Pretenders had to drag in two wins on pure will as the Royals kept on hammering our pitches, but at the end the Champions for Oslo made sure to keep the undefeated season alive.

Game 1:

The Pretenders met a hungry team from Bærum as the Royals kept on hitting liners in the gaps and took a 6-1 lead after the top of the 3rd inning, but then the Pretenders got dragged out of their Summer-sleep and made sure to hold on tight to the Royals' jerseys so they couldn't get too far ahead.

Matt Connell hit a 2-run shot in the bottom of the 3rd to start the spark and then Enrico Guerrini stole second and scored after two throwing errors to reduce the gap to 4-6.  The Royals didn't stop crushing our pitches as they extended their lead to 9-5 after the top of the 5th, but their run for the win ended there. 

The Pretenders tied-up the game in the bottom of the 5th on singles by Matt Connell and Enrico Guerrini and doubles by Nate Peterson and Martinius Hars. In the bottom of the 6th Leif P Sandivk opened the inning with a moon-shot to right-center and the Pretenders didn't stop until they had scored 9 runs. The finale score was 18-10.

Game 2:

In the second game the Pretenders took the lead from the get-go and had a comfortable 10-2 lead after the 3rd inning, but the Royals kept on fighting back as the Pretenders never managed to mercy them. Ryan Goedecke made the offensive highlight of the day as he hit an inside-the-park-homer in the bottom of the 4th.

Darren McKellep cruzed through the first two innings on the mound before the Royals figured him out and hit shots in the outfield. Nate came in in the top of the 5th and finished the inning on one pitch. He pitched the rest of the game to earn his first save as a Pretender. The finale score was 18-13.

500 Stolen bases:

Terje Myhrer-Hoaas didn't have a good day at the plate, but still managed to record 4 stolen bases. He has now 22 SB for the season and this means that he stole his lifetime SB number 500! The Mullah is the first ever in Norwegian baseball history to reach this incredible milestone as he is also the only one to reach 400 as the runner up is Glenn Wells on 339. Congratz Mullah!

Best of the Best:

 - Matt Connell: 6-9 with 3 R, 2B, HR and 3 RBIs

 - Joe Rollwagen: 5-8 with 3 R, 2 2B and 8 RBIs

 - Nate Peterson: 5-9 with 4 R, 2B and 4 RBIs

 - Leif P Sandvik: 4-5 with 6 R, 2B, HR and 3 RBIs 

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