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The Pretenders drop three in a row

Rommen Baseball Field,  August 10h 2016
by Mullah


The Oslo Pretenders seems to be still in Summer-Break-Mood as the P1 squad dropped their third straight loss vs Alna yesterday.

With several key players either out of the country or sick/injured, the former Champions have been struggling to keep up with the Caribeños.


The two teams faced each other on a double header last Saturday as the Caribeños won the first game 6-3. In the second game, the Pretenders looked a lot more like the good old Pretenders as Leif P Sandvik dominated on the mound and the hitters found their zone as they had a 10-0 lead going into the bottom of the 5th inning. But in a blink of an eye, the Pretenders saw their lead go down the drain and ended up with a bitter sweat 10-11 loss. The biggest collapse in the Pretenders history.


Yesterday, the two teams faced each other again for the third time in a week – fourth overall in the season -  as the Pretenders tried to put something together to stop the Caribeños. But with a tough 0-7 start after the first inning, the mountain-top seemed to be just too far away.

The squad – missing 5 regular starters – didn’t give up and gave Alna a fight and fought back to a 7-13 score in the 5th, but in the end the P1 squad couldn’t stop the Alna train and had to surrender to a 7-19 defeat.


With the three tough losses the Pretenders are now 5-5 for the season and need to win all four remaining games (2x NTNUI and 2x Rangers) of the season to secure a spot in the play-offs.


NBL1 East


Team                            G          W         L          GB

Alna Caribeños           12         9          3          -

Oslo Pretenders         10         5          5          3

Oslo Rangers               9          3          6          4.5


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