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The Pretenders split the DH vs Suns

Rommen, Oslo, Aug. 12th 2023

By Terje


With the Play-off participation hanging in the air, the Pretenders had to win at least one of the games vs the Suns to still have a chance - and indeed they did!

Game 1: 11-22

In the first game after the Summer-break, the Pretenders needed a couple of innings to get back on track. After the top of the 4th the Squad was down 1-6, but then the bats came alive. With two outs and a runner on first, Enrico Guerrini started the rally with a double to left to score the first run. Then Lukas Trepczyk followed with another RBI-double before Terje Hoaas blooped a 2-run single to RF to reduce the deficit to 5-6. But then our armed got tired and the Suns took off to finally win the game 11-22.

Enrico Guerrini started on the mound for the Pretenders and pitched well in the first 5 innings, but then got tired in the 6th. He didn't get hit hard, but with 3 infield singles followed by a couple of errors, the Suns scored too many runs at the end.

On defense, Max Krafft mad a great double-play at second base as he caught a liner and then fired to 1st.


Game 2: 13-9

In the second game of the day the Australian two-way sensation stepped up in a big way to secure a very important win for the club. Dave White pitched a complete game with 8 Ks and in the bottom of the 5th inning -  with the score 9-8 -  he hit the ball to the moon for a Grand Slam!

According to our books, this is the first time ever in the Pretenders' history that the pitcher has hit a Grand Slam in his own game.

On defense the squad finished the game with a classic 6-4-3 double play. Earlier in the game, our ever-young catcher Terje Hoaas, gunned down two wannabe stealers.

Best of the best:​

·       Enrico Guerrini: 4-8 with a Double, 3 RBIs, 3 SB and 6 IP with 5 Ks

·       Lukas Trepczyk: 3-7 with a Double, 3 RBIs and 3 SB

·       Dave White: 1-5 with a Grand Slam, 5 RBIs and 7 IP with 8 Ks

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