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Our dear friend Darren passed away this morning


Oslo, June 7th 2024
by Terje


It is with deep sadness and sorrow that we inform you of the passing away of our dear dear friend Darren McKellep.


Darren had been battling cancer for the past couple of years. Although the news was not unexpected, it is indeed a very sad day. Darren was only 64 years old.

Our thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends.


Darren's time with the Pretenders

Darren has been one of the core Pretender for the past two decades as he one day showed up at the May 1st softball-event at Voldsløkka in 2000 and asked to join us. At the time - a 40+ man with a snakeskin belt, and used gardening-gloves as batting gloves, some raised their eyebrows, thinking "who is this guy". But he quickly won everyone over with his natural charm, wittiness and humor. 

Darren became one of the cornerstones in our club and was unofficially named our Social Minister. He made sure everyone felt welcome in our club and whenever we had a gathering or a party, you always wanted to be close to Darren. That's where the fun was.


On the field Darren stands out as probably our greatest outfielder ever. His magical first step, his ability to read the ball from the crack of the bat, gave him a tremendous range in center field. 

In one of the most legendary games in the Pretenders history (e-cup game in 2004 in Bulgaria vs the team from Slovenia) Darren ran in blistering rain into right-center to catch the last out of the game.

Darren showed that age was just a number. Although he played most of his games in his 40s, 50s and even in his early 60s, he looked like he was still in his 30s. A super-athlete who pretty much played every single position when needed.

In addition to baseball, Darren also played for our basketball and disc golf team.


You will be forever missed, our dear friend Darren! 

You changed our lives!

Rest in Peace.

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