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The Pretenders win the League 2020


Rommen, Oslo - Sept. 16th

By Mullah.

The Pretenders finished the season 9-4 ten days ago, but what this meant for the standing was up in the air at that point as both the Royals and the Suns still had several games to play. But yesterday it was determined by the Federation that the outcome was now set and ready to be presented. And the winner is... Oslo Pretenders!

Historic tie-breaker 

After our last game (vs. the Earls on Sept. 5th) the Pretenders finished their season at 9-4. At this point the Royals were 8-3, and the Suns 6-3. The weekend after on Sept. 12th these two teams faced each other in a double-header. If the Royals had won both - they would then win the league. If the Suns won both they would have a chance to win, if they beat Bergen in both of their games remaining against them. But if they split the games, then it would create a historic 3-way tie for the first place (given that the Suns would beat Bergen in both games later).

The outcome of their double-header ended indeed with a split and that meant that the Pretenders were still in the race for the first place. At the moment both the Pretenders and the Royals are now 9-4 and the Suns 7-4. In the tie-breaker between the Royals and the Pretenders the first tie-breaker rule is the head-to-head games. And the Pretenders came on top here with 3-1 against the Royals. But if the Suns beat Bergen in their remaining two games the tie-breaker will go between all three teams.


The Pretenders beat the Royals, the Royals beat the Suns and the Suns beat the Pretenders. So in the 3-way tie, all three teams beat each other and no winner can be determined. That means that we need to go to the 2nd part of the tie-breaker - the TQB rule. In short this is the run differential in the games between these three teams by calculating the runs score divided by innings played and then subtract that with runs allowed by innings played. 

And the outcome of this rule is:

1. Pretenders .2857

2 . Suns .1064

3. Royals -.4873

In short this means that regardless of the outcome of the two games between the Suns and Bergen, the Pretenders will win the two different tie-breaker scenarios and that is why we can now call our selves the League Champions of 2020.

Congrats to all of our members for a great season! But don't forget that we still have the NM left this coming weekend in Kristiansand where anything can happen.

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