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The Pretenders win both in Tr.heim


Lade, Trondhem, May 25th 2019

By Mullah.

The Pretenders grabbed two easy wins in Trondheim to go 4-0 for the season.

Game 1, 14-1:

The Pretenders jumped all over the Eagles as they got a comfortable 9-0 lead after the 2nd inning on a bases-clearing double by Joe Rollwagen, and RBI-singles by Nate Peterson and Enrico Guerrini. 7 of the runs came after two outs.

At the plate Alex Guilford punched in another great shut-out performance going 5 IP with 2 hits, 2 BB, HP and 9 Ks. Nate Peterson came in relief in the 6th giving up one unearned run.

Game 2, 16-5:

The Pretenders controlled the 2nd game just as good as they took a 9-0 lead after the 3rd inning on RBI-singles by Enrico Guerrini, Darren McKellep, Joe Rollwagen and Matt Connell. in the 5th inning the Pretenders scored another 7 runs as they got 6 hits from their first 7 batter of that inning. 

On the mound Matt Connell pitched a solid 4 IP performance giving up one unearned run with two Ks (H, BB, HP). Darren came in a 2-inning save relief as he stroke out 3 batters and gave up one earned run.

The Pretenders switched up a bit on the defense in the 2nd game as Alex Guilford got behind the plate while Terje Hoaas took the spot at 3B. 

Best of the best:

 - Alex Guilford: 5 IP, 0 ER, 9 K 

 - Matt Connell: 4 IP, 0 ER, 2 K - at the plate 4-8, 2R, RBI

 - Enrico Guerrini: 4-6, 5R, 2SB, 3RBI

 - Joe Rollwagen: 4-10, 2R, 7RBI

Note: Darren McKellep has 299 lifetime hits for the Pretenders and is looking for his 300th in the next game as he will become the 4th ever to reach this milestone. Luis Lara has played 199 games for the club and will be the 5th player to reach the 200th mark in his next game.

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