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The Pretenders clinched the playoff spot


Lade Idrettspark, Aug. 29th 2021

By Mullah


The Pretenders keep moving forward as they collected two important wins in Trondheim this past Sunday to clinch the playoff spot. They are the 1st seeded team in the East Division and will face the 2nd seeded team from the West Division in the end of September for a spot in the finals.


Game 1, 14-7

Both teams showed some real teeth in the first game of the double header as the game was a nail-biter all the way through until the top of the 7th, but lets start with the beginning:


The Pretendres jumped all over the Earls from the get go with an RBI-double by Joe Rollwagen followed with an 2-RBI double by Alberto Danzie. But the Nidaros-relatives came right back with three of their own in the the bottom of the frame. 

In the top of the 3rd Joe started the inning with a single, followed by an intentional walk, fieldes choice and a hit by pitch. With one out and bases loaded Nate Peterson hit a hard grounder to short - a potential inning ending double-play, but an errant throw instead resulted in two runs scored for the Champions from Oslo. 

Similar situation occured in the top of the 5th. This time bases loaded and no outs - Alec Haralovich hit a wicked grounder to short and again an errant throw resulted in two runs scored.  

After the 6th inning the score was 8-7 to the Pretenders, but then the wolfs finaly came out. Ryan Goedecke started the top of the frame with a beautifull triple to right field. Ai Nartia and Enrico Guerrini got walked, Joe hit a single, Alberto RBI-single, 2-RBI-single by Paul Yuan and Nate RBI-rounder. All of a sudden the score went up to 14-7 and the game was over.

On the mound Alec Haralovich got his first start of the season - going 5.1 IP wiith 6 Ks and only 3 hits allowed. If we take away the 1st and the 6th inning, Alec - the Silverstar - pitched a very impressive game.

Joe got the ball in the middle of the heat in the 6th and got us out of a jam to record his first save of the season - striking out 3 out of the 5 batters he faced.


Game 2: 12-2

Game 2 goes down as Nate Peterson's probably best start so far in the Pretender uniform. He pitched a complete 2-run game - striking out 7 frustrated Earls on his quest. 

At the plate - the usual suspects - contined to tear it up. Alec started the show in the top of the 2nd inning with a lazer of an 2-RBI-double to right field. Darren McKellep followed with an impressive RBI-single to left to give the good guys a 3-0 lead. That lead got extended quickly as the best team in Norway scored two runs in 4 of the remaining 5 innings of the game. 

2-RBI-single by Alberto, sac-fly by Nate, RBI-double by Enrico and Alberto ended the show with an RBI-grounder.

With 8-0 so far this season the Pretenders clinched the playoff spot as the best seeded team in the East Divison. 


Best of the best:

  • Alberto Danzie: 4-9 with 2 doubles and 6 RBIs

  • Ai Narita: 4-6 with 4 runs and 2 doubles

  • Joe Rollwagen: 4-8 with 2 doubles and RBI

  • Enrico Guerrini: 4-8 with 4 runs and a double

Note: in the first game of the day, Enrico Guerrini played his game no. 50 for the Pretenders.

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