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P2 Defends Anders’ Seven Innings for the Win

Rommen Field, 12 Aug 2018, by Dario

After a rainy morning, the Rommen sun finally emerged so the Oslo Pretenders2 could take on the Drammen Loggers. P2 played solid defense behind starting pitcher Anders, who commanded his curveball/fastball combo to strike out 8 over a 7-inning complete game. He also hit two singles, batted in a run and scored.

Sigbjørn played shortstop for his first game as an infielder and made some solid throws to 1B Andreas, who had not played a baseball game for 20 years but manned his position very well with 7 putouts. Sigbjørn got two hits with 2 RBIs. CF Rich scored twice and stole 4 bases. 2B Patrick scored once and knocked in a run in his Norwegian debut. Catcher Darren scored 3 runs and allowed no wild pitches. Borrowed 3B Efrain, an ex-Pretender himself, hit a double and scored twice. Borrowed Morten of the Housecats knocked in two runs with a hard-hit triple down the RF line.

20180812 P2 Loggers.jpg

Each team logged 8 hits, but P2 came out on top 12-7. The Loggers featured two solid pitchers with a variety of pitches. The next time these two teams meet will be in Drammen, hopefully soon.

The Loggers were kind enough to provide a right fielder for us each inning and did not impose the automatic out until Patrick had to leave in the 6th inning. The cheerful Drammen squad made the game a pleasure to play. Many thanks to Carl for umpiring and to Rakul for scorekeeping!

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