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P-Hoopsters win season opener

Oslo, October 22nd, 2022

By Christopher


For the third time in recent years we started the season with a new roster.  

The 2022 roster looks promising with a great win in the opener.

Today we started the 4th division against OSI 4.

It was an away game today.

We started good with a 14-6 lead in first quarter.

By the 2nd quarter they got closer. We had 31 they had 24p.

In the third we out-played them and took a 18p lead by making some three-pointers and fast breaks.


Then the score was 48 - 30p after pushing hard defence.


After that we just needed to close the game in the 4th.

And it ended 65 -44 


Thanks to Junxiong (to the right) coaching the team.

And good collective effort throughout the game from all players


Go Pretenders! 

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