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P-Awards 2022

P-awards 2022.png

 - by Terje, November 18th 2022

The P-awards 2022 for baseball were presented this past weekend at Majorstua. In total 20 awards were handed out. And the winners are......

- MVP: Ai Narita (P1) and Max Krafft (P2)

- Best Batter: Enrico Guerrini (P1) and Ravi Sharma (P2)

- Best Pitcher: Ty Tollestrup (P1) and Ravi Sharma (P2)

- Rookie of the Year: James Theodos (P1) and Ravi Sharma (P2)

- Kiai award: Terje Hoaas - Resurrected the Pretenders after the most destructive off-season in club history.

- Best offensive play (P1): Terje Hoaas/Enrico Guerrini/Ai Narita - 3 doubles in a row vs Bergen in the bronze final to start the ralley for the win.

- Best offensive play (P2): Max Krafft - 2-run single in 6th against Drammen to take the game to extra innings for a P2 win.

- Best defensive play: (P1): Ai Narita/Enrico Guerrini/Andreas Erga - The great 6-4-3 DP in the bronze final.

Best defensive play: (P2): Lukasz Trepczyk - 6-3 double play on a shallow infield pop-up against the Loggers - seasonending play.

- Breakthrough of the year: (P1): Ty Tollestryp - For having a great pitching season.

(P2) Max Krafft - has improved greatly thanks to his dedication. this year he has debuted in P1 performing well.

- Blooper of the year: Jaro Bruders - The 3rd base ump that sent Enrico back to 2nd on a "new rule" that didn't exist - in the NM vs VIF.

- Most Bizarre/Phunniest play: Luca Torti - Slow-mo run to 2B for a double against Royals. It took forever, but he made it just in time!

- Bernhardsen award: Eirik Justra - Eirik lost a knife-fight against a hamburger during playoffs and cut his finger. Had to go to the ER. The runner-up Ola Fauske burned his hand a couple of minutes later.

- Urban award: Ryan Goedecke - Bright colored or green undershirts. Complete mismatch all year long.

- The Hephaestus award: John Heramb/Fabian Brage/Victor Borgenvik - The award for art and creativity - To our film-crew who filmed the entire play-offs. Thanks for a great job! 

Congratz to all the winners!!

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