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P-Awards 2021


 - by Terje, November 1st 2021

The P-awards 2021 were presented this past weekend at Fornebu. In total 19 awards were handed out. And the winners are......

- MVP: Joe Rollwagen (P1) and Max Krafft (P2)

- Best Batter: Joe Rollwagen (P1) and Andreas Erga (P2)

- Best Pitcher: Joe Rollwagen (P1) and Darren McKellep (P2)

- Rookie of the Year: Ai Narita (P1) and Enrique Guadarrama (P2)

- Kiai award: Joe Rollwagen - For pitching a no-hitter in the season opener vs Royals with 15 Ks (in 6 IP), an immaculate inning and hit a homer.

- Best offensive play (P1): Joe Rollwagen - hit a 3-run homer in the ESB finals vs Bergen Wetsox.

- Best offensive play (P2): Johan Nås - stole 2nd, 3rd and home on (almost) consecutive pitches.

- Best defensive play: (P1): Ryan Goedecke/Ai Narita/Enrico Guerrini- for Ryan's diving catch in LF in the ESB semis, with relaythrow from Ai to Enrico at 2nd for a double-play.

Best defensive play: (P2): Johan Nås/Paul Yuan- for two double-plays in one game! 6-6-3 and 5-5-3 against the Royals.

- Breakthrough of the year: Alec Haralovich - Came through big-time on the mound for P1 and ended up with the most wins on the team.

- Blooper of the year: Joe Rollwagen - Pick-off toss to Alex at 1st in the ESB final that almost knocked Alex out of the game.

- Most Bizarre/Phunniest play: Greg Jamanila - "Inside the park homer" on a BB, stole 2nd before getting into a pickle, and then running from second to home vs Royals

- Bernhardsen award: Nate Peterson - Pulled his calf on his way to 1st in the NM semis vs Bergen. Could've been a potential rbi-single.

- Urban award: Paul Yuan - For wearing navyblue undershirt all season.

- The Anthony Rizzo award: Greg Jamanila - For his foul ball slugging. Hit some serious bombs the wrong way.

Congratz to all the winners!!

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