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The Oslo Pretenders P-Awards 2019


The P-awards 2019 were presented this past weekend at Majorstua. In total 22 awards were handed out. And the winners are......

 - by Stats Minister October 28th, 2019


- MVP: Alex Guilford (P1) and Darren McKellep (P2)

- Best Batter: Joe Rollwagen (P1) and Max Kraft (P2)

- Best Pitcher: Alex Guilford (P1) and Ty Tollestrup (P2)

- Rookie of the Year: Alberto Danzie (P1) and Joakim Gade-Jensen (P2)

- Kiai award: Alex Guilford - Ended the season with an 0.47 ERA which is the 2nd lowest all-time for the Pretenders

- Best offensive play (P1): Leif P Sandvik - hit a Grand Slam in the NM finals.

- Best offensive play (P2): Joakim/Alberto/Andreas/Max - Four line-drive doubles in the same inning

- Best defensive play: (P1): Alec Haralovich - Two almost identical diving catches in RF.

Best defensive play: (P2): Ty Tollestrup - pitched a gem vs the Alligators

- Breakthrough of the year (P1): Alec Haralovich (P1) - came back in grand style after two seasons with limited playing-time.

- Breakthrough of the year (P2): Andreas Erga: Hit for power with high OBP. Had a great 2nd season for P2.

- Blooper of the year: Martinius Hars - changing glove positions at the last moment on a pop fly to RF and it hit him in the nuts.

- Most Bizarre/Phunniest play: Martinius Hars - changing glove positions at the last moment on a pop fly and it hit him in the nuts.

- Bernhardsen award: Ty Tollestrup - Dove and injured his arm on a run-down play vs the Suns.

- Urban McKellep award: Matt Connell - for wearing dress shoes at a batting practice.

- The Oscar: Enrico Guerrini - for pretending to not get hit by a pitch on his foot to let Joe score from 3rd.

- The Bobby Cox award: Glenn Wells - for getting thrown out of game 1 in the ES finals after yelling "three blind mice" to the umps on a HP to Enrico that was not called.

- The "comeback player of the year": Glenn Wells - He retired in June for P1 and made a comeback three months later for P2 pitching two shut-out innings.

Congratz to all the winners!!

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