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The Oslo Pretenders P-Awards 2017

The P-awards 2017 were presented this past weekend at Gaasa/Oslo. In total 19 awards were handed out. And the winners are......

 - by Stats Minister October 25th, 2017



- MVP: Dom Jacevicius (P1) and Anders Tveten (P2)

- Best Batter: Alex Guilford (P1) and Darren McKellep (P2)

- Best Pitcher: Alex Guilford (P1) and Darren McKellep (P2)

- Rookie of the Year: Dom Jacevicius (P1) and Matt Bortz (P2)


- Kiai award: Leif P Sandvik - came in in a tied game in the 4th inning vs Bergen with bases-loaed no outs, and got the team out of a majour jam.

- Best offensive play (P1): Leif P Sandvik - for his 3-run homer vs Bergen to sequre the League title.

- Best offensive play (P2): Jon Roth - for his "almost" homer in dead center at Rommen.

- Best defensive play (P1): Ryan Goedecke - made a spectacular sliding, over-the-shoulder catch of a popup to left-center in 7th inning vs Bergen   - vs Bergen on May 13th

- Breakthrough of the year: David Pratts Jr. - Hit for real power, showed excellent potential as pitcher.

- Blooper of the year: Martinius Hars - Stumbled and lost a 6-pack of beer on the ground. 4 of them opend a fenamonal foutain show while Martinius desperately tried to save them 

- Most Bizarre/Phunniest play: Leif P Sandvik - for getting K'd up by a 13 year old child!

- Bernhardsen award: Oli-Pekka Hakala - In his very first baseball game, pulled a quadricep muscle sprinting to 1st, thought the ball had hit him there (until realizing he could barely walk)

- Urban McKellep award: Ryan Goedecke - For playing in Martinius' Black jersey while the rest of the team played in their red. 

- Comeback player of the year: Håkon Jåtun - for coming out of his Hall of Fame retirement and help the team win two titles.

- The Late Bloomer award: Leif P Sandvik - went 1-13 before the Summer break, got introdusted to a new bat and went 15-23 the rest of the season.


Note: the Pretenders also won a couple of individual awards from the NSBF banquet this past weekend as well:

 - Best Pitcher (Eliteserien): Dom Jacevicius

 - Best Pitcher (NM): Matt Connell

 - the Slugger award: Alex Guilford

Congratz to all the winners!!

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