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The Oslo Pretenders P-Awards 2013

The P-awards 2013 were presented this past weekend at the new club dungeon in Flat-City. In total 20 awards were handed out. And the winners are......

 - by Stats Minister November 11th, 2013



- MVP: Leif P Sandvik (PR) and Darren McKellep (PO)

- Best Batter: Leif P Sandvik (PR) and Anthony Durham (PO)

- Best Pitcher: Leif P Sandvik  (PR) and Glenn Wells (PO)

- Rookie of the Year: Finn Røsland (PR) and Raul Bonilla (PO)


- Kiai award: Kaz Yamada - for pitching his heart out in the last game of the NBL Finals.

- Lara award: Luis Lara - for the most dependable player of the year.

- Tim Berners-Lee award: Leif P Sandvik - for taking charge of redesigning our new webpage.

- Best offensive play: Terje Hoaas (PR) - for his bases clearing triple in the 1st inning of the last NBL Finals to open up the game.

- Best offensive play: Darren McKellep (PO) - for his bases clearing double in the 1st game of the NBL Finals to take the lead in the game.

- Best defensive play: Glenn Wells (PR) - for his fake throw to 1st, to get the runner on 3rd in the NBL Finals.

- Best defensive play: Matt Connell (PO) - for his diving catch on a screaming liner at 3rd base, saving multiple runs in a close game vs. the Royals.

- Breakthrough of the year: Erik Svensson - for his comeback season after a year on the sideline due to his knee injury.


- Blooper of the year: Raul Bonilla - he didn't run back to first on a fly out to RF and got thrown out on a double play to kill the rally vs. Alna

- Most Bizarre/Phunniest play: Jan E Svendsen - for running in the wrong direction in RF on a big fly ball and give the batter the inside the park homerun vs Alna.

- Bernhardsen award: Osmani Perez - for getting injured in the most strange way. He got hit in the head by the ball on the throw back from the catcher in the NBL finals vs Alna.

- Urban award: Florentino Hernandez - for the worst fashion sense on the field. He often wore a blue longsleeved undershirt or a blue jacket over his uniform - which is totaly the wrong color!


*-PR stands for Pretenders Rascals and PO for Pretenders Outcasts.


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