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Pretenders launch a new homepage!

It is finally here! Welcome to our brand new web page.

What is your first impression? Write your comments below! Do you like it? Is it overwhelming or is it simply just magnificent? Make up your mind and share it with your friends on FB. We want as many as possible to get a grasp on Norway's best sports-site at the moment!

With a lot of new features, an exciting picture gallery and (updated) news articles, we recommend all of you to take a good look at our new page and get used to our brand new design. We are proud to finally launch our new site and the main two workhorses behind the new site - Leif P Sandvik and Terje Hoaas - hope you will all enjoy it.

As part of launching our new web page, we want all of you to participate in our easy Quiz Show. You will find all of the answer on our brand new site. And two lucky winners will each win a Pretender gift-bag. So what are you waiting for? Do the Quiz Show now!

Note: the quiz is finished, and the two winners will be announced in week 24.


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