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Hoopsters stay undefeated

Vulkan, 18th Oct. 2015

by Oslo Pretenders PR office


Sunday's game was a very important one for the Oslo Pretenders. They entered this game being 2 - 0 in the season and sharing the first place with 2 other teams in the league. The Oslo Pretenders were on a mission Sunday against Bislet 2: claiming the first spot in the league.

Despite missing two key players (Mark Grote and Hans-Henry Holstad), the first quarter started really well. Behind a great early performance by starters Peter Greve and Vilius Macevicius, the score was 13 - 5. Bislet 2 started to wake up and closed the first quarter 19 points to 11 for us. The Pretenders kept the lead going into the 2nd quarter which began with Benjamin Rojas leading as PG.


Benjamin started the 2nd quarter with a 3-pointer, a rare one made considering the large number of 3-pointers attempt by the Pretenders. Fortunately, the defense was on point today and the opponents had trouble finding the basket thanks to many interceptions by Or Hayt an Peter Greve. The score was 27 to 22 at half-time for the Pretenders.


The 3rd quater started well with 6 points unanswered for the Pretenders, but one player from Bislet 2 had enough and went on to score 6 points unanswered as well. At this moment, points were being made on both side and slowly Bislet 2 was coming back into the game. But Vilius did not want any of it and with 3 seconds left on the clock, he took a 3-pointers: nothing but net!!! Thanks to this final 3-pointer, the score at the end of the 3rd quarter was 40 to 33 for the Pretenders.


The 4th quarter was hard for the Pretenders, tired of playing against such physical and sometimes borderline violent team. They started making many fouls in defense, giving Bislet 2 a lot of free throws. But the Pretenders never give up the lead and they kept scoring too. Behind Sigbjørn Skagestad's "and one", Vilius' 4 points and Roberto Galleto scoring a really nice 2-pointer, the game was sealed. Final score: 51 - 41, the Pretenders won.


The organisation and everyone in the team thank the fans for showing up to the game. We hope to see all of you for our next game on the 8th of November against the Persbråten 5 Legends, it is going to be a big one!

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