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Hawk inducted into the Hall of Fame

Rommen Ballpark, Oslo,  August 27h 2016
by Mullah


Håkon Jåtun - aka Hawk or the Budda - got inducted into the Hall of Fame last Saturday as the 10th member of the elite club. As the first member of the 2nd generation of Pretenders to get inducted, Hawk made sure to set the bar way high.

Hawk got inducted in a pre-game ceremony before the 2nd game of the day between the Pretenders and the Rangers - both games ended with a loss to the Pretenders. Hawk threw a 78 m/h fastball that was clocked as the fastest pitch of the day - including the double header.  The crowd went wild when Hawk received his HOF plaque - the symbol of his greatness.


At the end of the game Hawk even made a comeback in an attempt to try to help his team win the game, and pitched the last inning of the game. He also went 1-1 at the plate just to demonstrate his Hall of Fame worthiness. 

Later the same evening, the Pretenders celebrated both Hawk and the club's 25 anniversary at People's - with both old and new members gathering for an all-nighter.

Congratz Hawk!

The Hall of Famer:

Budda was a feared power-hitter in the new millennium and he had his glory seasons between 2001 and 2006. Hawks’ 2004 season stands out as one of the best single-season ever by a Pretender – going .439 with 5 homers (tied single-season-record with Mainardi), 45 RBIs (best ever) and 60 total bases (best ever). 

On the mound his stats are as equally impressive.  In 2005 and 2006 Hawk went back-to-back seasons with Era under 1.00 and Oba. (Opponent's Batting Average) below .100. No one else has ever done this in the Norwegian baseball history.

Hawk holds 11 of 53 single-season-records for the Pretenders - a mighty statement from one of the greatest player in the new millennium.

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