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Bob Mainardi inducted into the Hall of Fame

Rommen, Sat. 012 Sept.  2015

by Mullah


Bob Mainardi was inducted into the Oslo Pretenders Hall of Fame last Saturday before game 2 in the NM Finals. With a short speech from the Mullah followed by a ceremonial first pitch, Mainardi was applauded by both benches and the spectators in the stands.

Mainardi played 188 games in 19 seasons from 1991-2009. He was the most feared power-hitter in the 90’s and set the tone right away by becoming the first player to hit two home runs in a single game in his rookie season for the club. 


Bob Mainardi’s 1995 season stands out as one of the greatest single season ever played by a Pretender  – hitting .491 with 5 homers (still tied as a single season record with Håkon Jåtun) with 44 RBIs (2nd best ever) and 55 total bases (3rd best ever). Bob also co-founded the P-kids team and helped coach for several seasons.


Mainardi hit 16 home runs from 1991-1996 in 238 at bats. Although he played many season after this, he stop at his magical 16. Compare to the other two who as hit 16 or more in the club history, Mainardi reached that number way faster as Leif P Sandvik (now at 34 homers) had 546 at bats to reach 16 homers while Glenn Wells (with 17 bombs) had 735 at bats to reach the magical 16.


We congratulate Mainardi for his great accomplishments and welcome him into our great Hall of Fame as the 9th member.

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