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May 12th.
Perhaps for the first time in history Pretenders fielded a team exclusively consisting of Scandinavians.  Eight of the starting nine were Norwegians, with the lone foreigner on the team being the "party-Swede" Erik Svensson. Kaz started on the mound and did a great job, pitching the whole game. The bats were hot from the start and the Pretenders scored a total of 12 runs in the first inning off Alligators starter Sven Tønnesen. Our two bright young stars Martinius and Martin each had a double hitting the left field fence and left-right fence respectively. The highlight of the game was when Luis Lara tried to steal third with the bases loaded, urging Martinius to steal home as well. They both luckily made it back to second and third without being caught.



Rascals defeat Reptiles

May 14th
On this cold afternoon the Pretenders basically started with the same team except for Reynaldo Reyes making his debut for the Rascals. Luis Lara started on the mound and pitched three great innings. Reynaldo pitched the following two innings, Kaz pitched one while Erik Jansen made his season debut closing the game for the Pretenders. Again, the Pretenders managed to produce several runs early off the Alligators starter. Martinius and Martin had two doubles again going all the way to the fence, demonstrating that the Pretenders stars are not all middle aged foreigners or Norwegians born in Japan and Cuba.  It was a cold and long game and the early lead allowed us to give several pitchers a chance to pitch in real-game conditions.

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