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The Oslo Pretenders P-Awards 2015

The P-awards 2015 were presented this past weekend at Kampen/Oslo. In total 17 awards were handed out. And the winners are......

 - by Stats Minister February 16th, 2016



- MVP: Kelly Kuhlmeyer and Luis Lara (P1) and Kaz Yamada (P2)

- Best Batter: Martinius Hars (P1) and Mathias Dudek (P2)

- Best Pitcher: Leif P Sandvik (P1) and Kaz Yamada (P2)

- Rookie of the Year: Nate Peterson (P1)


- Kiai award: Leif P Sandvik - for hitting the cycle.

- Broes Before Hoes: Leif P Sandvik - for the right priority. Sandvik chose to go the P-party instead of a different chick-party. He did the opposite last year which caused a big fuss in the club.

- Best offensive play (P1): P1 the team - for a great comeback, scoring 7 runs in the top of the 7th inning on two outs to beat the Rangers 17-15 in the NBL.

- Best offensive play (P2): Rich Nolan- Hit a game tying grand slam in the top of the 7th in a comeback win over Fredrikstad.

- Best defensive play (P1): Martinius Hars/ Terje Myhrer-Hoaas - 9-2 DP on a SF attempt. Great one hopper from Martinius in RF combined with the crash at home that Terje holds on to complete the DP vs. Rangers.

- Breakthrough of the year: Martinius Hars - played a great season, and stepped up big in the big games, the best offensive player of the year.

- Blooper of the year: P1 the team - for showing up inTrondheim with only 6 players.

- Most Bizarre/Phunniest play: Leif P Sandvik - went 0-4 on 4 line shots because of 4 amazing plays by the Rangers' defense.

- Bernhardsen award: Nate Peterson - Broke his arm bicycling in Tr.heim, because the bicylce HAD breaks

- Urban award: Gary Lee Maloy - For showing up in a FrP jacket.


Congratz to all the winners!!

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