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Glenn Wells Wins Game #100

Rommen Baseball Field,  June 20th 2016
by Mullah


Glenn Wells won his game no. 100 as a pitcher for the Pretenders on Saturday – making him the first ever to do so in the Norwegian baseball history. To put this in perspective, the second place (owned by Leif P Sandvik) has 63 wins. 


Glenn came in as a relief pitcher in the first game of the double header vs. the Rangers as the Pretenders lost 14-17, but continued to pitch 5 innings in the second game to notch his win before handing the ball over to Leif P Sandvik who recorded his first save of the season. The Pretenders won the second game 14-7.

The doc started his Pretender career back in 1992 and quickly became one of the main pitchers in the club. His 1995 season stands out as the season Wells took over as the ace for the team, going 9-1 with the Era 2.44. He has ever since been one of the main pitchers for the club. Congratulation Glenn for a historical milestone!


Game 1:

The Pretenders started the game well and took a 4-1 lead in the top of the 2nd inning after rbi-double by Darren McKellep and rbi-single by Terje Myhrer-Hoaas and Leif P Sandvik. This was Darren’s lifetime RBI no. 200. He is the 7th Pretender to reach this milestone. Congratz!


The bottom of the 2nd inning did however change the game completely as the Pretenders couldn’t get an out. Starting pitcher Matt Connell got the second batter out on a 6-3, but after that the Rangers got 4 hits, 4 walks and an error before the next out. At the end of the inning the Rangers had taken a 9-4 lead. The Pretenders managed to come back and tie the game in the next inning on rbi-singles by Ryan Goedecke and Sandvik.


The game went back and forth the following innings, but the Pretenders never managed to take control of the game and had to chase the Rangers after each inning. At the end the Pretenders lost the game 14-17. Leif P Sandvik had 3 rbi-singles in the game. The last one was his lifetime hit no. 400 for the Pretenders. Sandvik is only the second ever the reach this milestone (Glenn Wells has the lead with 437). Terje Myhrer-Hoaas is however right behind with 397 and will most likely become the 3rd during this season.


Game 2:

Glenn Wells started the second game on the mound after coming in as a relief in the last three innings of game 1. He had a tough start - surrendering 5 runs in the first inning, but settle down and pitched well(s) in the following four innings. The Pretenders came back in the top of the second with 5 runs followed it up by another 7 runs in the 3rd to take control of the game.  Rbi-Walks by Martinius Hars, Terje Myhrer-Hoaas and Kelly Kuhlmeyer combined with rbi-singles by Leif P Sandvik, Matt Connell, Glenn Wells and Alec Haralovich.


The top of the 5th inning did however probably set a new record for the longest 1-2-3 inning as after the first out on a fly ball to RF, the Pretenders complained as the right fielder caught the ball with a 1st base mitt – claiming the catch was not legal. This fired up the Rangers and a 10 min discussion between the umpires and the Ranges followed before everyone cooled off as the umps concluded that the catch was legal and did not change the call.


The Rangers had a golden opportunity to come back in the game in the bottom of the same inning as they score one run on a double by Armando Rodriguez and then loaded up the bases. But Ryan Goedecke made a spectacular diving catch in the dusty infield at 2nd base on a line-drive and made an unassisted double play by running to second.  The defensive play of the year so far.


Leif P Sandvik then took over the mound in the 6th and pitched two quick innings to record his first save of the season. The Pretenders won the game 14-7.



  • The Pretenders made 3 double plays in these two games

  • Sandvik went 4-10 and Matt Connell 5-10

  • Terje Myhrer-Hoaas played his game no. 400 for the Pretenders as the first ever to reach this milestone. He is in addition only 3 hits shy of 400, 1 walk shy of 500 and 2 rbis shy of 300.


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